Crafts for kids Nature crafts subscription box

A gardening and nature crafts box for kids

A gardening and nature crafts box for kids

I’ve been a little busy since the school holidays started which meant a few subscription boxes have turned up over the last few weeks and remained unopened. I’ve had to cancel most of ours as I just don’t have time to open them which is such a shame. However today we had some time to explore the August mud + bloom subscription box. This is a fun gardening and nature crafts box for kids.

The August mud + bloom gardening and nature crafts box for kids

I really love the idea of this box. My 6 year old just loves to be outside and this is a great box for encouraging us to spend more time outside. The only problem is I’m not great at growing anything. I can sow seeds but we don’t have much room to grow anything or plant seeds when they need space to grow.

The August mud + bloom box contained 3 cool crafts – make your own butterfly pictures, grow your own herb garden and make your own twig picture. To be honest I couldn’t face growing anything. The weather has been so hot that nothing is growing in our garden, so I put the seeds to one side. We loved the sound of the butterfly pictures and twig picture and went out for a walk with an empty bag to pick up supplies.

mud + bloom box

The only problem was that I challenged the children to only collect petals which had fallen to the ground. It seemed that ours wasn’t the only flowerless garden! I shared a video we made on Insta Stories as the children had so much fun kicking all the fallen leaves – it was very Autumnal. We struggled to find any petals so widened our search to leaves, seeds and nuts too. Soon we had a very random collection of things and went home to craft.

First up was the butterfly pictures. We’ve made something  similar before (when there were a lot more petals around!) and I loved the fact there were 3 butterfly body drawings to use. My children loved arranging their found items to make butterflies. We didn’t stick anything down as they liked moving everything around to create lots of different pictures.

butterfly craft for kids

Then we made the twig picture. We wrapped the hemp rope around the four twigs to make a frame which we hung up in the garden.

Alongside the crafts was some nature news about what’s happening this month, a quiz and caterpillar fact sheet.

I really like this subscription box for kids. It’s good value and the crafts are fun to make. If I had more time I would definitely be a regular subscriber.


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    August 11, 2018 at 7:54 am

    The butterfly looks lovely. I like the idea of the craft box too, something different to make with the children.

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    Nichola - Globalmouse
    August 11, 2018 at 8:17 am

    Oh I love this, my kids are really in to crafts so they would really enjoy it – love the butterfly you made.

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