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Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Collection review

Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Collection review

It seems a while since we’ve reviewed toys but when we were offered some of the brand new Shopkins Real Littles I just had to say yes. My children have always loved their Shopkins toys so I knew they would be really excited to see these.

Real Littles sees your fave brands turned into Shopkins! Shopkins Real Littles are the same brands you find in the supermarkets – just made mini! Take home a basket full of brands and make your own real looking store – just smaller!

Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Collection

Series 2 of Shopkins Real Littles have just got even cooler and there are 50 new Shopkins Real Littles to collect. The Real Littles characters have come from the frozen aisles in the supermarket, from popsicles to frozen drinks, ice cream snacks to mini meals! The range includes well known brands like Wall’s, Slush Puppies, Kellogg’s and many more!

We were sent a bundle of the new range to review which included special 2 packs – with NEW melt away packaging (RRP £3.99), Shopper Pack assortment (RRP £11.99) and the Stacy Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset  (RRP £29.99).

The first thing we opened was the special 2 pack with NEW melt away packaging. Little Sis just loved the look of this and couldn’t wait to get a bowl of water to see what happened. She placed the whole wrapped toy into the water and watched as it foamed and the packaging melted way. It was very cool and not something we’d seen before. Inside were two Shopkins and the mini packs.

Shopkins Real Littles

Next we opened up the Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Shopper Pack assortment which included 8 Shopkins and mini packs. The packaging was all colourful and fun to open.

Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Shopper Pack assortment

The Shopkins were hidden inside the Scribblers pack and we enjoyed looking out for the ultra rare, special edition and limited edition characters. Little Sis enjoyed ticking them off the Collector’s Guide as she opened them, this was also a great way to learn their names and what category they were in.

crossing off the Shopkins list

The last item we opened was the Stacey Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset.

You can beat the heat with the Stacey Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter from the Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats range. Stacey Cakes is ready to serve up all your favourite ice cream treats! With the help of her little Shopkins and her special scooter, you can make sure all your friends have a tasty snack when they want one.

Stacey Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset

This set includes 2 packs of branded ice creams, 2 Shopkins, an Icy Treats scooter and Stacey Cakes figure. The figure comes with a clear plastic stand so can stand next to her scooter.

Stacey Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset

We love this new range and they are a fun addition to our Shopkins collection. My daughter has been setting up her own little shop outside in the sunshine, complete with social distancing and a limit on the number of items available to purchase!

Shopkins Real Littles Icy Treats range is available now at Smyths, Tesco, Entertainer and Asda.


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    April 24, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    My niece absolutely loves LOL dolls and Shopkins, neither of which I knew nothing about until about a year ago and I now I know what she collects, has and needs – she regularly updates me! This one is on her want list x

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    michelle twin mum
    April 24, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Shopkins are super cute and nice that they are working with real brands now, I assume they are US ones as I don’t recognise them. Mich x

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