Father's Day Gift guide

2020 Father’s Day gift guide

2020 Father’s Day gift guide

Disclosure: Some of the products featured (marked*) were sent for inclusion in this gift guide, however all opinions are my own.

Despite losing my own father when I was young, I still enjoy celebrating Father’s Day with my family. The children love Father’s Day – let’s face it, they love any occasion which might end with cake! It’s been a while since I put together a gift guide but I thought you might be interested to see some of the gifts we will be giving this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day gift guide

Something to play (with the kids)

Father's Day gifts for big kids

We are big fans of the Back to the Future films so were delighted to find out that Playmobil had brought out a new range of toys from the film. As children of the 80s we have re-watched the films and they are still just as much fun as they were first time round. The Playmobil Back to the Future DeLorean and Playmobil Back to the Future 1955 edition are great for fans of the the films, or people who have only just discovered them. The DeLorean and characters are great representations of the film with lots of detail.*

My husband loves building and racing RC cars and planes. This is something he loves to do with the children too. Over the last few weeks we’ve been enjoying the Build Your Own Plane Launcher kit. Build Your Own make sustainable toys with less plastic. My children are of an age when they really want toys which can be used again and again. They love a toy which challenges them, and the Plane Launcher kit has certainly done just that! There are 47 press out parts, a twin elastic band propulsion system and 10 x Fold n Fly paper planes to make and fly. Read our review and find out where to purchase*

Something to read

Father's Day books to gift

For those who feel like there is no escape from the rigours of the modern-day office, the Calming Crosswords book from Welbeck Publishing is the answer! The crosswords have been designed to give your vocabulary and lateral thinking skills a good workout, but not to be unachievable for the average crossword-puzzler. It’s a perfect collection of crosswords to enjoy during your well-earned coffee break. (£7.99)*

#HomeTasking has really kept us laughing over the last few weeks so we had to get a copy of the Taskmaster book for my husband. There are tasks for you, your friends and your family. There are secret tricks. And there is one swear word. So it’s almost exactly like being on the show. (£9.99)

I couldn’t resist a copy of Royal Air Force: The Official Story by James Holland, published by Welbeck Publishers. This celebrates and commemorates the world’s oldest air force, founded more than 100 years ago. Officially endorsed by the RAF, and with unique access to their historic archives, the world-renowned broadcaster James Holland uses photographs and documents to tell the story of the people, planes and missions as never before. (£25.00)*

Something to eat

Toblerone for Father's Day

My husband loves a simple bar of Toblerone. He gets one every birthday, Christmas and special occasion. Sometimes I have managed to buy Toblerone’s with a special sleeve but this year I had to make do with what I could get my hands on in Sainsbury’s.

Something to help him relax

Laura Wall cushion

Our favourite holiday spot is Teignmouth in Devon. We love to visit the studio of local artist Laura Wall. We have one of her prints up in our living room, and my son loves her notebooks for his drawings. It was my son who suggested we pick something from her website so we chose this gorgeous cushion. It features the view from Shaldon over to Teignmouth and will remind us of all our happy holidays.

Something handmade from the children

The children have been busy making things too. Handmade gifts are the best! If you’re looking for something to make and give them we have a whole loads of Father’s Day crafts and tutorials for all levels. One of my favourite makes is the Han Solo in Carbonite soap but we also added a Father’s Day nuts and bolts sign too.

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