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Monday mindfulness – 5 happy things

Welcome Monday! It was lovely having a slow weekend to re-charge our batteries. We baked, we walked in the woods, we crafted and watched films. It was bliss.

Monday mindfulness – 5 happy things

Our Christmas holidays lasted part way through the week so we were able to squeeze in one last day out at BrickLive Christmas. The kids loved playing with all the Lego and you can read my review of it here.

I think my children were happy to go back to school. Fortunately it was only a 3 day week for them. This week will be tough as all the after school clubs are starting again.

packing away Christmas decorations

On Saturday we took down the Christmas decorations. I was actually quite happy to out them away and get my house back. Everything seems so much bigger and cleaner again. Christmas was busy so the children spent some time playing with their Christmas presents. They received lots of craft kits and this weekend we built a salt water motorbike, a balsa wood plane and excavated for dinosaurs! They also played Pie Face in the bath using shaving foam, which was pretty funny to watch, especially when they put their goggles on so they didn’t get soap in their eyes.

walk in the woods

We are starting to think about costumes for World Book Day already. Over Christmas we read and watched a lot of Harry Potter so my 6 year old has decided she wants to be Harry Potter. I’ve been instructed to look out for a costume she can wear :)I wonder how many others will pick something from Harry Potter?

This year I’ve set myself the challenge to make some of the craft kits I bought over the last few years. I bought quite a few things at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show and I really want to make them before I go again this year.


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    Abbey Louisa Rose (@abbeylouisarose)
    January 10, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Receiving crafty things or games as Christmas gifts was one of my favourite parts of the festive season as a youngster, so it’s great to hear that your kids had so much fun playing Pie Face and that you were able to join in with making the motorbike and the plane! sounds like a very positive week to look back on!

    Abbey x

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    January 11, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Craft kits are always so much fun. I got a learn to crochet one this Christmas so that’s on my to do list now 🙂

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