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A trip to the Sylvanian Families shop London

A trip to the Sylvanian Families shop London

I’ve been promising the children a trip to the Sylvanian Families shop in London for quite a long time. They both love Sylvanian Families and had been saving up their pocket money in preparation for our visit.

The Sylvanian Families shop is on Mountgrove Road in London. This is within easy walking distance from Arsenal Underground Station or Finsbury Park Station. We drove and were able to park opposite the shop. The Sylvanian Families shop opened in 1993.

A trip to the Sylvanian Families shop London

The Sylvanian Families shop offers the widest range of Sylvanian Families in Europe with over 400 items in stock. They have over 50 different families, including the full UK range, plus discontinued and harder to find items too! Everything is really well organised and colour coded so it is easy to identify those rare or hard to find items.

I couldn’t resist making a video of our trip and I’m glad I did because my children had an amazing time. They are huge fans of Sylvanian Families and we were lucky to have a shop practically on our doorstep. Take a look at our video to find out what was inside and what we bought!

I think you can tell that my children were overjoyed to be there! They loved the window displays and the special display in the centre of the shop. It was great to see all the different playsets set up and gave the children some fun ideas for how to set up their own at home.

We obviously weren’t going to leave without buying some toys! I knew I wanted to buy the new limited edition Halloween Baby Trick or Treaters Set. I also bought the Sylvanian Families Collector’s Name poster and the vintage-style Sylvanian Families Bone China mug.

limited edition Halloween Baby Trick or Treaters Set

My 6 year old picked the Seaside Merry-Go-Round which was on special offer at £9.99. She collects the babies so this was perfect for her. My 7 year old chose the Persian Cat Family as he’s wanted his own family for ages.

We also picked up the Home Interiors Set with Working Light as this fits in so many of our playsets (Cedar Terrace, Log Cabin, Seaside Cruiser House Boat and the Ballet Theatre).

The Sylvanian Families shop also sells a selection of dollshouse miniatures so I bought a Christmas cake, baubles and Christmas wreath so we can decorate our playsets at Christmas. We were given a Sylvanian Families catalogue and colouring sheets for their latest competition too.

We had such a great time that our parking ran out! I’m so pleased that we finally got to visit the shop. My daughter is turning 6 next month so made a huge shopping list. If you can’t visit the shop in person then you can order online via their website.

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    Susan Mann
    September 29, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    I did not know there was a Sylvanian families shop. How cool is that? This looks brilliant. Must visit next time I’m in London. Love the Halloween items x

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