Unboxing our new mattress from Sloane & Sons

As we haven’t had a holiday this summer we’ve concentrated on getting the house sorted. It’s now 4 years since we moved in and we’ve almost finished! With my son starting Year 3 in September we really wanted to finish his room off and make it a nice place to be (and do homework!).

Last year we bought him a mid-sleeper bed. This helped sort out the storage problem as the bed is raised with cupboards, a desk and shelves underneath. Earlier this year we laid a new floor as his room had carpet and I find carpets so unhygienic. We did this ourselves to save money and it really made his room seem lighter and easier to clean.

Unfortunately my son has fallen out of love with his bedroom recently. He used to love playing in it and I thought it was a really lovely place to be. As well as his lovely bed, he has his homemade Lego storage table and reading corner. He loves reading and playing with Lego but I’m not sure why he’s not enjoying his room as much as he used to.

Last week Sloane & Sons kindly sent us a new mattress for his bed. The old mattress came with the bed which was second hand and really needed replacing. We chose a Single Memory Foam Bed Mattress from the Wimbledon Collection and it arrived in a box! You can take a look at our unboxing video and see how much fun we had opening it up.

It had been vacuum packed so we opened it up and let it breathe for 24 hours. The kids loved watching it double in size and it sucked up the air! It did have a chemical smell but this soon disappeared after 24 hours. Then we were able to put it on his bed, thankfully it had handles, and make everything look nice for him again.

new mattress

We also spent the weekend packing away some of his Lego and toys and just trying to make his room a nice place to be. I’ve bagged up his cuddlies to see if he notices as his room was full of them. He’s been sleeping really well on his new mattress. The mattress is super deep but comfy and he’s so happy. Fingers crossed he’ll begin to enjoy his bedroom again.

Disclosure – we were sent the mattress from Sloane & Sons for the purpose of review

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    August 22, 2017 at 8:19 am

    It looks like a good mattress. Having a good one is really important as it affects how we sleep

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