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A tidy bedroom (fingers crossed!)

One of the things I am most excited about in moving house is the fact both children will have equal-sized bedrooms. That might sound silly but the majority of the houses we saw had two decent sized bedrooms and a box room. Fortunately our new house is quite modern so the rooms are all a good size. We’ve been tripping over ourselves and the children’s toys so I’m looking forward to decorating the children’s rooms and buying new furniture including children’s beds.

I have a very handy Cath Kidston planner and I’ve been using it to keep pictures from magazines and wall paper samples together so I have a great collection of ideas for our new house. The toddler’s room hasn’t really changed from when we made it into a nursery so I’m quite excited about him having a proper bedroom, although we can’t decide between a Thomas & Friends, Cars or Toy Story theme.

someone needs a new bed!

someone needs a new bed!

Kids beds are a difficult purchase as there’s just so much choice. Both our children have cot beds to maximise their longevity and cost but I can’t wait to get them something more interesting when they’re a bit older ( have a great selection!).

This weekend my husband has been busy making toy storage for the toddler. I’m lucky that he is really practical. Recently he’s whipped up a little wooden ride on toy for Little Sis so she can zoom around the house like her older brother, thank goodness for wooden floors 🙂 Now the toddler has a huge selection of trains and cars we thought some kind of wooden tray would be perfect for him. It will be mounted on the wall so will double as storage and display. In an ideal world his room would follow Montessori principles with toys laid out so he can easily pick an activity and have the space to concentrate on it. I’m hoping that toy storage will help this and of course I would love to be able to see the floor more often!


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    Evette garside
    April 7, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Kids beds are a hard purchase , last year I bought my four year old a small single divan bed , the bed is a lot bigger than imagined lots of space plus a huge slide storage space underneath which holds almost all her toys , so comfy too and she loves it

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    April 8, 2013 at 9:32 am

    The rooms sizes are terrible these days – I was looking for a flat before I found the one we currently live in, and they tend to have an “open kitchen” with living room and one bedroom…I could use that while in college, but now I need more more moreee space 🙂

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