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10 ways to fall in love with your bedroom this Autumn

Autumn is a strange season in many ways. It is full of vibrancy, colour and life yet has a sometimes melancholic hint of the coldness to come. Autumn can be cold one day and t-shirt and BBQ weather the next. It’s a real mixed bag but that is what makes it so wonderful. It’s a season of impending festivity.

Halloween and Bonfire Night kick off the end of year fun and just as Autumn starts to ebb we brighten up our lives with cheery songs, twinkling lights and hearty meals.

Autumn is fantastic inspiration for interior design and a way to bring a calm vibrancy to your bedroom that stays colourful, inviting, cozy and stylish the whole year round. Here are a few of my favourite tips for Autumn décor that you can make yourself.

Reds, oranges, beiges, greens and bark browns make up the majority of the wonderful Autumn palette and so much can be upcycled or reused to finish off your perfect seasonal bedroom.

10 ways to Fall In Love With Your Bedroom This Autumn

10 ways to fall in love with your bedroom this Autumn

Glue dry twigs to the outside of an old jam jar, cheap tumbler or basic glass tea-light holder to make stunningly simple ‘wooden’ tea-light holders. The warm, festive glow that seeps through the gaps in the closely arranged twigs gives the impression of a mini-log fire.

Use real leaves as a stamp to create a tree mural above your bed bringing a sense of the outside into your bedroom. Imitate the natural colours of leaves turning for an authentic and soothing look.

Hang old Christmas clear fairy lights in combination with some plain netting over your curtain rail for a gorgeous window feature.

Make a statement with a high-quality, British-made Giltedge divan to add luxury, comfort and storage space to your bedroom. You can easily accessorise your bed with autumnal pillows and throws. Reds and oranges in combination with light browns works really well in creating a cozy bed.

Brightly paint the tips of pine cone scales which you can arrange in a bowl, string across a wall or dot around the room.

A seasonal wreath would look great on the wall and it’s an activity the kids can get involved with too. Lots of burnt orange colours will add a vibrancy to your wreath and you can add leaves, pine cones and acorns for a natural look.

Wicker furniture like wash baskets, corner chairs and even storage boxes work so well with the autumnal palette. You can make your own if you are feeling brave and patient. There are lots of how to tips online and instruction videos on YouTube.

If you have a crab apple tree in your garden or near you a small branch with the fruits still on it would look great sticking out of a narrow vase. As an added bonus you’ll get that lovely, natural fruity smell in your room.

Make coasters for your evening hot chocolate out of a fallen branch. Carefully saw off 2cm thick rounds from a branch with roughly 7cm in diameter and sand them until smooth. You can use a wood stain to seal them or decorate with your own pattern.

Get crafty and lower your bills by making your own draught excluders. Old woolly jumpers that you have lying around or pick up for a pound at the local charity shop can be easily stuffed, shaped and sewn to make colourful and practical room accessories.

Disclosure – the post is contributed by Dennelle Cowan


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    October 13, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for sharing, I love the idea of painting pinecones

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      October 13, 2015 at 6:19 pm

      I tried it last year and it was very pretty and effective.

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