Grandmother’s flower garden doll quilt update

It’s three weeks since I wrote about the Grandmother’s Flower Garden doll quilt I’ve been working on. You may remember I asked for some advice as I’d got to a mini crisis point. I loved reading everyone’s suggestions so I thought I’d share a little update.

I was lucky enough to find a remnant of the green material I was using for the flower border which made things much easier. My first step was to square off each end with half flowers as someone suggested so the whole shape was rectangular.

Then my problems started again! I realised it was too narrow to actually fit the dolls bed I was making it for so I added an extra row along the long side.

Then I somehow noticed how nice the corners looked rounded so started to add hexies to one end to try and make four rounded corners before realising that I was just over extending the quilt and needed to stop! I wanted to photograph it now in the hope it will spur me on to finish it.


Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Each little hexie measures 2cm across so the current version is approximately 50x32cm. It fits inside the dolls bed so I’m thinking of adding one more row of flowers to the long side and finishing off the short sides (whilst trying to not make it any longer).

pretty patchwork fabric

I have some dark brown flecked fabric to add a row of hexies around the outside, someone suggested this would be reminiscent of a flower bed around the lawn). I’ve also purchased some light brown patterned fabric for the back and I thought I would hand-tie the quilt through the centre of each hexie flower to tie the layers together.

That’s my plan. Our house move may disrupt my attempts to finish it off  in the next week or two but I will complete it.


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13 Responses to Grandmother’s flower garden doll quilt update

  1. The quilt is beautiful Jenny! Just so pretty and far too lovely not to finish. It’s going to be the smartest dolls bed ever!
    Single Married Mum recently posted..Daisies

  2. What a beautiful little quilt, it must be quite fiddly with all the small hexies. Love the idea of the brown around the edges :)

    • jenny

      I made a stash of hexies so it’s coming together quite quickly, especially as I only need a couple of stitiches along each side!

  3. Such a brilliant and cheerful idea! Good luck Jenny!

  4. That will be the snazziest dolls quilt ever! It looks great x

  5. Gorgeous creation. I’m just starting to quilt myself but think I will start with bigger motifs, you are very patient :)
    Janice recently posted..Robin Digi Stamp

  6. The quilt looks really pretty. It’s going to look wonderful on the dolls bed.
    Ali x

  7. You must get it finished after all the work you have done so far. Good luck with the move – always very stressful 😉
    knitnrun4sanity recently posted..Blocking and Ta Da!

  8. That is sooo beautiful! What a good idea to have the brown around the outside as well.

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