Grandmother’s Flower Garden doll quilt

I’ve been really lucky to attend both the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show as well as the Spring Country Living Fair in the last week. There was so much lovely inspiration and a fair few fabric purchases too. Lately I’ve been spending my precious free time making hexagons the EPP way. I just love the whole process, from making paper templates, to choosing fabrics and basting my hexagons. Somehow I’ve ended up with 4 patchwork projects on the go, all in various stages of completion.

patchwork pieces

My current favourite is my doll size version of a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. A while ago I found a wooden doll bed in a charity shop and I’ve been busy making quilts and blankets for Little Sis (and the toddler) to play with. Grandmother’s Flower Garden is a really pretty pattern and it came together really easily, until I ran out of the green I was using. Silly me had only bought a fat quarter from a fabric shop miles away.

grandmothers flower garden

So now I’m in a dilemma and hoping someone can help. How do I finish it off?

I want it to be rectangular in size with a bound edge but do I fill in the gaps with hexagons in a different shade of green? Or go for a different colour? Any advice happily received :)

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17 Responses to Grandmother’s Flower Garden doll quilt

  1. Ali - patchworkfairy

    That looks good – I’d go for a completely different colour or a few shades of green fading or getting deeper maybe?

  2. Oh what a shame, how frustrating. Maybe a darker green or a nice red might do the trick? Lovely little quilt.

  3. This is lovely, I think that because of the many colourful flowers you have used then any colour would suit, I personally would go for either a deep green or a red to match the red in the flowers. Make sure you show us when it’s completed.
    Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto recently posted..What’s in a name?

  4. Hmm, that’s a difficult one? It looks like you may be able to add some half or 3/4 flowers on each corner which would leave you needing less green hexagons. Perhaps you could edge the quilt in brown and finish with brown hexagons to make it look like a flower bed around the ‘lawn’. Glad this is your problem and not mine. Lol :) Hope this helps.

  5. Umm I truly don’t know. I quite like it the way it is – maybe just with a border? Does the shop do mail order? Sorry not to be any help at all :(
    knitnrun4sanity recently posted..Testing!

  6. Stephen @ Soy of the North

    Lovely quilt. I think a darker green would work well. It could represent hedges at the ends of the garden.

  7. I like Ali’s idea of fading into darker greens or you could use a piece of plain fabric and stitch the shape you have as it is onto a rectangle shape? Great quilt though x

  8. Very pretty pattern. It leaves me thinking “how bit is doll-size?”. Those patches must be very tiny.
    Ginny recently posted..Leafy Cowl

  9. What a lovely quilt. I would go for a darker shade of green.
    Gertie recently posted..A bag of scraps

  10. Simmi

    Ohhhh how pretty! I think I would add some darker green hexagons like Ali suggests to make it into a rectangle. Simmi x

  11. What a darling little quilt. I think going for a darker green, with maybe the odd different coloured hexi scattered about as mini flowers. Just a thought..
    Wendy x

  12. What a lovely quilt pattern. It reminds me of the ones my grandma used to make years and years ago. As to the trim, I can’t recall how it was finished off. I’m sure you will come up with something. Lovely design.

  13. Handbagsbŷhelen

    Oo, envious of the shows

    • jenny

      They’re a bit difficult with two young children in tow but I wouldn’t miss them, they’re my reward for good behaviour!

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