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Why You Should Teach Your Kids How To Journal

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One of the fundamentals of formal education is learning how to read and write. Reading and writing, much like any other skill, require constant practice for improvement. However, once kids leave the school premises, their chances of practising are reduced unless they have homework.

Why You Should Teach Your Kids How To Journal

As a parent, you can teach your kids how to journal daily. Journaling gives your children many opportunities to hone on their communication skills. When done right, journaling can become a healthy habit that kids adapt and persist with well into adulthood. Here a few reasons why journaling is a good practice for kids.

Journaling is An Outlet

Much like adults, many kids find it difficult to express themselves to their peers or parents openly. As a parent, encourage your kids to practise daily journaling by writing down how their day went. They should write down all the activities they do, where they go, who they meet, who they play with, and how they feel about their daily interactions. At first, it might seem strange, but it becomes easier and fun with more practice. This kind of journaling invariably allows kids to pour out their thoughts, thereby giving you the parent a glimpse into their world.

Journaling Improves Grammar and Spelling

To make journaling easy, get a couple of notepads available at home. Let your kids have one in their backpack and another at home, just in case. This is simply a subtle reminder to write whenever they can. TheWorks, one of UK’s top online retail stores for school supplies, stocks various notepads, drawing books, and journals for all age groups. By constantly writing, coupled with your review, your kids will learn new words, improve their grammar, and spelling all at once. The ripple effect of having a strong grammar and spelling foundation is that kids become better at other subjects too. They participate better in school since they feel confident in expressing themselves. They read and understand textbooks faster than their peers.

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Journaling Can Lead to a Career Path

While most people simply keep a journal as a hobby, starting early can lead others to a career in journalism, writing, or teaching English language. Research has shown that many successful authors started early on in their lives by simply keeping a journal. This is a classic case of a hobby turning into a career. Kids eventually become more creative with their writing as they grow older and write more. As a result, some start a blog, and others choose to study writing in university, while a select few later write a book.

Journaling Improves Reading skills

Children are naturally curious and like to imitate what they see and hear. As a parent, you may encourage daily journaling by doing so yourself. Have them read some of your entries in your notepads. This will not only motivate them but will also improve their reading skills. They will help them learn new words and pronounce them correctly.

The simple act of journaling can go a long way in improving your kids’ vocabulary, writing and reading skills, and their overall academic performance. It gives them an outlet to express themselves without judgement and peer pressure.

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