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Washi tape Easter eggs

Washi tape Easter eggs

This year I’ve tried to not buy any new Easter decorations. I’m really trying to cut down our use of single-use plastics and using up what we have before we buy anything. In our Easter box we had a *lot* of plastic re-fillable eggs. They are perfect for an Easter egg hunt at home.

Recently I was sent a bundle of Duck Tape washi tape. It’s been a while since I crafted with washi tape. Have you heard of it? It’s a Japanese tape which is easy to tear and easy to re-position and great for crafting with. I thought it would be fun to combine it with some of our plastic eggs to make a pretty Easter decoration and a game for my children.

First of all I gathered my supplies – plastic eggs, washi tape and large plastic cups.

colourful plastic eggs

I put the two halves of the plastic eggs together and wrapped a piece of washi tape around the middle of each one. This was to decorate them but also to make sure the two halves stuck together. Washi tape is pretty easy to smooth out with a finger. I tore off small strips of the washi tape to make sure they went round the middle of each egg without wrinkling.

washi tape easter eggs

The eggs look really pretty in a basket and would make a lovely Easter decoration on their own. However I also knew the washi tape Easter eggs would also make a great game for my children. Next I decorated the plastic cups. I tried to match the colour of the plastic egg with the washi tape and put the same washi tape on each cup. I placed two bands of washi tape around each cup and a small piece inside the bottom – to make sure the children could see the pattern.

washi tape around a plastic cup

Everything looked very pretty so we put it into a crate and took it outside to play.

Easter egg toss game

I set the plastic cups on the ground and drew a chalk line for my children to stand behind. They took it in turns to throw each egg into a cup, trying to match the washi tape egg with the same cup. It was great for their hand-eye co-ordination (something they both need to work on!). The plastic egg toss packs away really small when not in use and the plastic eggs go back on the table until next time!

plastic egg toss game

Have you crafted with plastic eggs recently? A few years ago we turned some into teacups for a Mad Hatter’s tea party. Larger plastic eggs make pretty cute receptacles for popcorn too!


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    April 2, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Ah I love this idea, so simple yet so fun and looks pretty too! Great post as always Jenny x

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    Yeah Lifestyle
    April 3, 2018 at 8:08 am

    I wish I had seen your post before the Easter weekend as we would have loved to do this with our kids. We have the same plastic Easter eggs at home but not the washi tape so its something we are going to be doing next to keep them busy.

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