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Visiting the Pick Your Own Farm with kids

social distancing at Copas

We’ve been so excited, waiting for our favourite fruits and veggies to be ready to pick. It seems ages ago since our last visit to our local Pick Your Own farm in Iver, just down the road from Ruislip. You can now book a slot to visit, so we booked an early morning slot and set off to pick some delicious fresh fruit.

pick your own fruit in Ruislip

Visiting the Pick Your Own Farm with kids

A huge sign greeted us, letting us know what was available to pick. We showed our tickets and were let through to the fields. We picked up some buckets along the way, ready to fill them with strawberries and cherries!

PYO buckets

It was really easy to socially distance at the Pick Your Own farm which made it the perfect place for us to take the kids. We haven’t been out much but this was a nice easy place to go. Our first stop was the PYO strawberries.

PYO strawberries

They were so ripe and juicy and we picked quite a lot.

rows of PYO

Next stop was the broad beans. I’m not sure any of us even liked broad beans but we picked a few handfuls, I think it was the novelty of seeing the fresh produce! Then on to the cherry trees.

PYO cherries at Copas

The cherries were quite expensive but we paid £4 per person and this was redeemable against any of the fruit or vegetables you picked. We picked a lot of cherries! In fact we picked a lot of things!

picking fruit at Copas Iver

We added some gooseberries as well. The gooseberries were really big and juicy and we picked enough to make a crumble. As we were heading to the farm shop to pay you could see it was getting busier. I was glad we went early and would definitely go early in the morning again.

In the Farm Shop we were able to add a few more things to our shopping basket. We picked up some carrots, beetroot and Apple Juice. It took up about a week to get through all of the fresh fruit and veg we picked. The gooseberry crumble was delicious and the kids were super happy to have fresh strawberries for a couple of days. I think a trip to a PYO is an essential educational trip for kids, and a lot of fun too!


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    Jane Brown
    July 3, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    This is just down the road from me but I have never been, although I keep meaning to. Will be on the list for this summer, although I will wait until the toilets reopen I think. Can you explain a bit better how the refund on the ticket system works when you purchase fruit you have picked. For example, say 3 people go so your ticket price is £12 and the fruit you pick comes to £14, do you only have to pay the £2? And how easy it is to keep a rough eye on how much worths of fruit you pick as you go round?. I’m sure I’m not the only one stung on the pick and mix stall when you realise you have a small fortune in your cup lol.

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      July 4, 2020 at 10:00 am

      Hi, thanks for your comment. We had to buy a ticket for each person at £4 each, but these were refundable against any purchases (PYO fruit and vegetables, or items in the Farm Shop). We spent a lot more so just paid the extra when we left. There were signs to tell you the cost of the fruit but it was pretty hard to know the weight of what we have picked, the only exception was the cherries which were weighed at the point of picking. Hope that helps!

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        Jane Brown
        July 4, 2020 at 2:48 pm

        Many thanks for the explanation.

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