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Crafting with twigs {twig tree decoration}

Crafting with twigs {twig tree decoration} from the gingerbread house blog

On Monday my daughter and I had a few hours to ourselves. This never happens so we made the most of it with some crafting time! A few weeks ago I was lucky to win the December Mud and Bloom box. You may remember me mentioning the Mud & Bloom box before, it’s a nature and gardening subscription box for kids, aiming to inspire kids aged 3 and 8 to connect with the outdoors.

A nature crafts subscription box

Mud & Bloom’s December Gardening & Nature Crafts Box arrived last month but we just didn’t have time to open it in the run up to Christmas. I had a quick look inside and saw we needed to collect some twigs. Luckily we live near to some woods so had fun looking for suitable twigs to make one of the projects.

Our box included a guide to what happens in December, instructions to make a festive wreath and twig tree decorations, seeds to grow garlic and broad beans. There was also am Evergreen shrubs and trees spotter sheet which you could take out with you on a walk, as well as a quiz based on the contents of the box. It’s a great value box!

mud and bloom box

On Monday we decided to make the twig tree decoration. We used some of the twigs we had collected at the woods as well as some of the supplies in the box. We added some of our own beads so we had plenty to use.

Crafting with twigs {twig tree decoration}

It felt really good to craft with the twigs. My children are always picking up leaves, stones and pieces of wood but never do anything with them. We followed the instructions for the twig decoration, binding the twigs together into a rough triangle shape, threading the beads onto the embroidery thread, then wrapping them around the tree shape. It was a lovely simple craft activity but one that my daughter really enjoyed. We hung it outside in the garden to brighten up the garden which is looking very bare.

twig tree decoration decorated with beads from the gingerbread house blog

We’re pretty bad at planting, so I’m not sure if we will plant the seeds, and we will be saving the wreath craft for another day.


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    February 1, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    I do love your twig tree decoration, it looks really cool, I didn’t know about a nature sub box.

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    michelle twin mum
    February 2, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    I’ve got a friend that is always making amazing decorations with twigs, they are so great. She had an enormous Christmas tree fll of lights and decorations. Mich x

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