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Ticker Tape doll quilt

One of my favourite craft books is pretty in patchwork doll quilts. I’ve already made one of the quilts from it (the I Spy quilt) but I’ve also had my eye on the really pretty ticker tape doll quilt by Cathy Gaubert for my daughter. So over a year ago, yep you read that correctly, I bought a colourful rainbow of fabric from an Etsy store and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I got it out again.

It felt strange finally cutting into each piece but now I have at least I’ll be able to use the pieces for other projects It was also the first chance I had to use my new Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Patchwork Ruler (I signed up for a sewing class and you needed to be confident with these tools!).

Anyway, this was a great project for using the rotary cutter and ruler to fussy cut some small pieces. I chose as many pieces as I could using the whole rainbow and a few pieces of fabric from my stash as well.

ticker tape quilt

I chose a central piece, like the pattern suggested, using a piece of my lovely Echino Camera fabric. Then I played around with the fabric pieces trying to arrange them by colour group.

When I was happy with the layout I used a temporary fabric adhesive to stick the fabrics to my beige fabric. Then I put my layers together and quilted up and down, trying to catch the edges of each piece of fabric.

ticker tape quilt

After much deliberation I decided on a black binding, this also goes really well with the backing fabric which is Britten Nummer from Ikea.

Unfortunately it’s now been in this half-finished state for a while I made a mistake with my strip binding which means the corners have too many layers of binding to hand sew through. I can’t face un-picking the binding but I fear I may have to!

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