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Stick to Stigu Planner

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Generally I don’t as I think they set you up for failure. Instead I choose a word to live by. My word for 2016 is PLAN!

I always seem to be juggling lots of things. The children, the house, my blogs, the PTA, the choir I joined this year and the sewing projects which keep me sane. I like to think I’m pretty organised, how else would I keep all those plates from spinning, but next year I want to start using a proper Planner.

Up to now I’ve survived using the Evernote App and paper lists but I’ve been researching Planners which I think will be a great solution. There are loads of Planners on the market so how do you find one which works for you?

First you need to think about the features which are most useful. I know I need  an organiser, desk calendar, notebook and to-do list.

Second to that comes asthestics. Do you want spiral bound? Soft or hard cover? Enclosures to keep extra bits of paper and a strap to keep everything in? Do you love customising with stickers?

There are just so many options available!

Today I wanted to tell you about Stick to Stigu which is a new brand that make a great Planner with a twist. This is a Planner/organiser/desk calendar/notebook/to-do pad and rest & zest handbook.

Stick to Stigu planner

Each double page has a place for notes on the left page and a weekly planner on the right page. The weekly planner has plenty of space for up to 5 tasks each day.

Stick to Stigu planner

Every month Stigu introduces a new theme, and every week Stigu gives easy to stick to practices that are often fun.

Stick to Stigu

I love the look of his Planner. I don’t think it is the prettiest Planner but it is easy to jazz it up with stickers and cards. I love that each page has a perforated edge which you can remove when the week is over. I also like the motivational quotes and little facts dotted around the pages.

Stigu planner

There are plenty of empty pages for notes as well as a 2017 calendar and pocket for loose pieces of paper.

Stigu planner

Stick to Stigu launched a few months ago and there are a few launch offers available. The first one is “3 for 2” and the code can be claimed at right away. You can also sign up to the Stigu monthly newsletter and get 30% off the planner. Check out their website for more information and other fun products.


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    Keri Jones
    December 12, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    I like the look of this. I really need a panner for next year as I am very forgetful :/

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