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Staycation 2020 – what to pack?

Looking through some photos I took earlier this year, I realised that I never wrote about our first Airbnb experience. It was something we had wanted to do for a while and took the chance in February half term. That seems like a lifetime ago now but as we’ve just booked to go back to the same place, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a little post about Project Staycation 2020.

What is a Staycation?

Just in case you didn’t know, a staycation is simply a holiday in your home country, rather that going abroad. We’ve always been huge fans of exploring the United Kingdom and were planning on staying at home this year anyway. We wanted a self-catering cottage, which was both child-friendly and dog-friendly. We also needed it to be fully equipped so we could just bring the essentials to make our staycation fun!

Staycation 2020 – what to pack?

Top of my packing list was reading material and sunglasses. It’s just not a holiday without a good book, or two, or even three. Home learning with 2 children for so long meant reading took a bit of a back seat, so I’m looking forward to some ‘me’ time whilst the children play. I have a pile of books to pack but am in need of some sunglasses because the weather will be sunny (fingers crossed!). I’m a little in love with the selection I found at and I have time to buy before we leave!

We’re a family of bookworms so I’ve stocked up on a few cheeky books to pack. I love reading books via the Kindle app on my phone but nothing beats the smell of a new book. I’m working on self improvement so have The Sensitivity Code: Life strategies for thriving in an overwhelming world by Theresa Cheung and Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness by Dr Matt Lewis to read. I can’t wait to tick some more books off on my Goodreads 2020 Challenge.

I love to do things as a family and will be packing a selection of games to take with us. We recently bought a roof box as I just can’t travel lightly. If a game is educational too, then even better, so I’m thinking Uno, Bananagrams, Rockpool and Dobble.

It’s always left to me to pack clothes, but at least if I’m packing then I know everyone will have enough pairs of pants to get them through the week! There’s nothing worse than having to do washing on holiday, other than swimming costumes and towels for the beach. Again, it’s a Staycation so I’ll be packing for all kinds of weather – just in case!

With the current situation we haven’t been brave about eating out. We’ve enjoyed lunch at Five Guys and that’s about it. But it won’t be a holiday if I have to prepare all the meals. I don’t mind breakfast and a few picnics but I’m hoping we’ll be a bit more confident about eating out so we can support local businesses.

The puppy is coming too and now seems to have the biggest bag out of us all. We want him to enjoy the Staycation as much as anyone so will be packing his puppy crate which can double as his bed, his favourite blanket and rabbit, as well as puppy food and treats. He loved our last little Staycation in February so I’m hoping he’ll enjoy walks on the beach, a new place to sleep and lots of new sniffs and smells as we leave the Big City for our Staycation.

Masks and hand sanitiser. Well it just wouldn’t be 2020 without masks and hand sanitiser. We have more masks than we’ll ever need and bottles of hand sanitiser in every bag and pocket to keep us safe. It now feels as normal to check my pocket for my mask as it does to feel for my sunglasses and puppy treats.

It’s been a long time since our last holiday and I know this one is going to be strange. We still need to check what attractions we can pre-book and visit, as well as see if our favourite cafe has re-opened. We’re all just really happy we will get to go somewhere for a week.

Are you going away this Summer or holidaying at home?


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    Jenni Grainger
    July 27, 2020 at 9:52 am

    Definitely pack some books. Hand gel is a good one but all places near us have hand gel as you walk in too

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    Rhian westbury
    July 27, 2020 at 11:59 am

    I think we’re just going to be staying at home this year, but we’re fine with that. I do like the idea of a staycation just for a change of scenery x

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