Halloween crafts STEM activity

Free pumpkin investigation activity pack

Free pumpkin investigation activity pack

October is passing by very quickly and we are enjoying half term and having time to relax. Our house is already filled with pumpkins thanks to our visit to the pumpkin patch near London a few weeks ago. The children have been planning their designs and I am looking forward to trying out some pumpkin recipes! We try not to waste any pumpkin and we’ve turned our pumpkins into a bird feeder, and also left them out for the birds to eat. This year we will also be carrying out a pumpkin investigation for my science-mad daughter.

Free pumpkin investigation activity pack for kids

What is a pumpkin investigation? Well a pumpkin investigation is a brilliant STEM activity for curious kids! It make a great Autumn themed activity for kids and helps explore the wonderful fruit that is a pumpkin.

is pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?

Yes, pumpkins are fruits! This may surprise you but pumpkins develop from the flowering part of a pumpkin vine, and also contain seeds, so they are a fruit!

We love pumpkins and squash and tried to pick a few different varieties on our visit to the pumpkin farm.

magical white pumpkins

You can help your kids to discover more about pumpkins with our free pumpkin investigation activity pack for kids. It’s a great resource and half term is the perfect time to print it out and explore. The four page document includes a sheet to record your pumpkin investigation, a diagram to help you name the different parts of a pumpkin, and a fun colouring sheet. To use our pumpkin investigation pack simply print out our pumpkin investigation activity kit at home and use it for some pumpkin learning!

A pumpkin investigation is a really easy activity to do with kids. Pick a pumpkin for carving and observe it as you go. You can measure it, describe it, weigh it. You can estimate the number of seeds inside, and scoop them out and count them! Examine the inside and outside. See if it sinks or floats in you place it in water. You can also use the pumpkin investigation sheet for gourds and squash!

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