Sleepless nights

I’m not sure what has happened to my son lately but for the past week he’s woken at 3am. I’ve gone in to see him and he’s sitting up in his cot either crying or talking out loud. Usually I would just pop his dummy in and he’d go back to sleep but he’s fallen into a pattern of being wide awake. It doesn’t seem to be teething pain or hunger, he just wants to be picked up and cuddled!

Although I love a cuddle I don’t love them at 3 in the morning, and this week it’s taken over an hour each time to settle him.

I don’t talk to him, turn the light on or do anything to encourage him and last night I was so fed up I tried the tough love approach. After putting his dummy back in I left him and didn’t go back into his room. He talked and cried for nearly two hours until falling back to sleep around 5am. The only plus side is that Edward has been sleeping later in the morning so I have gained a little more sleep but I’ve grown accustomed to Edward sleeping through the night since we dropped his dream feed when he was 10 months.

Somehow my husband slept through the drama and asked why I was so grumpy this morning. Guess who’ll have the baby monitor on his side of the bed tonight!


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    May 9, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Might be that he’s too warm. We’ve had a lot of muggy nights this week. Aaron’s been in short sleeves xx

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      May 9, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      We’ve bought him a new gro-bag with a lower tog. I’d love to open the window a little but I worry about the cats getting in 🙁

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