Autumn Crafts for kids

Recycled Scarecrow craft for kids {and free printable}

Recycled Scarecrow craft for kids

Autumn is my favourite season. I can finally wear my favourite jumpers, watch the leaves changing colour on our daily walks, and enjoy the delicious autumnal smells. The weather was gorgeous yesterday but I know it will be getting cooler and fresher any day now. Autumn is a fun season to craft with the kids. My daughter can’t help but collect leaves and acorns and the season has inspired our fun recycled scarecrow craft. You can use up craft supplies with this one – the finished scarecrow makes a great bookmark too.

List of craft supplies:
Craft sticks
Scrap fabrics
Burlap/hessian fabric
Black permanent pen
Craft glue
Eyes and nose template

Recycled Scarecrow craft for kids

How to make a recycled scarecrow

Collect a piece of scrap fabric (or piece of favourite clothing) and cut out a piece of the fabric to make the shirt of the scarecrow.  I’m using a 6 inches x 4 inches blue and white checked printed fabric for the shirt.

fabric scrap

Fold the long side of the fabric into half.

step 2

Cut the folded fabric into a shirt layout; with sleeves on both open sides and cutting a round piece from the closed end for inserting the scarecrow’s neck.

step 3 scarecrow craft

Cut out 2 strips and a trousers layout from a scrap jeans fabric. Or simply cut a rectangular shaped jeans fabric and cut a long slit along the middle, lengthwise.

step 4 scarecrow craft

Fold the 2 sides of the slit and apply fabric glue or stitch to secure the fold

step 5 scarecrow craft

Cut a piece of burlap fabric to make the hat of the scarecrow. Cut the burlap into any pattern you’d prefer to make a cone shaped hat.

step 6 scarecrow craft

Fold the burlap fabric cutout to form a cone shape and use fabric glue or stitch to secure the cone pattern.

step 7 scarecrow craft

Cut a round piece of card and attach the eyes and nose from the provided template. Use a black sharpie to draw the mouth of the scarecrow. Attach yarn strands on the top side of the head for the hair.

step 8 scarecrow craft

Take 2 craft sticks; 1 long and 1 short. Attach the short one with the long craft stick by forming a cross. Place the short craft stick relatively towards a side of the long craft stick.

step 9 scarecrow craft

Insert the shirt through the shorter end of the long craft stick.

step 10 scarecrow craft

Place the shirt nicely on the scarecrow. Now place and glue the jeans trousers on the below the shirt but overlapping the shirt a little on its bottom end.

step 11 scarecrow craft

Place the 2 jeans strips over the shoulders, on both sides and overlap the front parts with the trousers. Place and glue 2 buttons on the overlapped parts of the trousers and strips

step 12 scarecrow craft for kids

Attach the card head and the burlap hat to complete your recycled scarecrow.

recycled scarecrow craft for kids

And your recycled scarecrow is finished!


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