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Play Fun Boom Ball game review

Play Fun Boom Ball game review

This weekend has been a little cold and damp, definitely Autumnal with a hint of Winter. I don’t mind the colder months and if we have a few good games to play then generally everyone is happy. This weekend has been pretty busy with birthday celebrations and a trip to race our model cars. We’ve been trying to go for months and finally squeezed in a trip to the woods with some friends. It was lovely to come home and relax afterwards. With homework out of the way we were able to enjoy a few games of Boom Ball which we were recently sent to try out at home.

Play Fun Boom Ball game review

My children love to play games. They are usually happy to try anything, especially if it means they can compete against each other. Boom Ball is a fun game but are you fast enough for Boom Ball? Get ready for this exciting new multiplayer action game. Players have to use their skills to catch the balls fired out of the cannon. Catch the most and you’ll win the game!

Play Fun Boom Ball game review

The game needs batteries and requires a little patience in putting it together. Then place the headband with net on your head, switch the cannon on and go! Try and catch the most balls to win! My children enjoyed it although the balls went everywhere, even under the sofas. It’s a good winter boredom buster and lets your children run off some energy if they are cooped up inside.

The cannon has adjustable heights which means you can place it on a table and adjust it so adults can play too. I can imagine us playing this over Christmas as it would make a fun game for all the family to try.

Unfortunately we had a few problems with the balls getting stuck in the canon which meant had to take it apart to get the balls out. Boom Ball is priced at around £21.49 which seems reasonable for this kind of game. You can purchase it at Smyths, Amazon and all good toys shops.


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    Rhian westbury
    November 25, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    Sounds like a fun game, although not as much fun if you don’t manage to catch the balls and have to search for them x

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    Joanne Dewberry
    November 26, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    Looks like a great game to buy as a family present this Christmas.

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