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Pinned it made it – DIY magnetic Scrabble board

DIY magnetic Scrabble board

Ages ago I Pinned an image on Pinterest of an old picture frame which had been filled with Scrabble tiles. You could use it to make your own words and phrases. I love Scrabble and I’ve been meaning to get round to making one for ages and I finally did.

Equipment needed to make a DIY magnetic Scrabble board:
Old picture frame or similar
Magnetic Scrabble tiles
Chalkboard paint

How to make a DIY magnetic Scrabble board:

I used a Wilko chalkboard frame as a base for my Scrabble board. It cost ¬£8 and is a large chalk board with two smaller frames suitable for two 6×4 photographs.

Wilko Chalkboard Frame

I bought some magnetic chalkboard paint, removed the chalkboard and gave it three coats of the magnetic paint. This stuff was pretty sticky and easily stained my hands so I made sure to use disposable gloves.

magnetic blackboard paint

I also removed the glass from the top of the frame and painted the two smaller pieces of chipboard, I gave them three coats.

Wilko Chalkboard Frame

When it was all dry I put it back together and placed my magnetic Scrabble tiles (from a vintage Magnetic Pocket Scrabble by Spears) on it. You could use larger Scrabble tiles if you wanted but I didn’t want to glue magnets to the back of each Scrabble tile. The Pocket version works perfectly and my children have been having fun leaving messages for me.

DIY magnetic Scrabble board

The two smaller section are perfect for holding any spare tiles, leaving plenty of spaces to write things to remember or what’s for dinner!


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    The Reading Residence
    April 10, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    This is a lovely idea! I can see my daughter enjoying leaving messages for me, too.

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    Kim W
    May 23, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    What a lovely idea. I’d not heard of magnetic scrabble tiles.

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