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Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

Our summer holidays may only just have started but already I feel like we’ve packed in some amazing adventures! We’ve had some great days out but it’s also been lovely to spend time at home. The children have been re-discovering all their toys and keep coming up with things they want to make. To be honest, our craft materials are never really tidied away, but I’m trying to encourage my daughter to tidy up with this very special desk tidy. She currently loves all things Pokemon and we had a lot of fun making a Pikachu desk tidy for her bedroom desk.

Pikachu desk tidy materials:

Red/yellow/black card

Blu Tack blu stick


Empty plastic pot

Black permanent pen

craft essentials

How to make a Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

My 7 year old came up with this idea herself which I thought was super cute. It’s a really fun craft for kids to make.

Place your container on the yellow card and cut it to size.

Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

Secure in place with the blu stick which is blue! It’s pretty clever as you can see where you put the glue but it dries clear.

Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

While the container is drying you can cut the two red cheeks, two black eyes and two yellow ears from the cardboard.

Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

Start to glue everything in place using the blu stick – first position the eyes, then the cheeks and finally the ears.

child using a glue stick

Draw on a small nose and mouth with the black permanent pen.

Pikachu desk tidy craft for kids

Fill your container with pens and pencils and *fingers crossed, your child just might be a tiny bit tidier than she was before!

Disclosure – we were gifted the Blu Tack blu stick to use in this craft post but all thoughts and opinions are all our own.


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    The Inspiration Edit
    July 24, 2019 at 8:04 am

    My daughter and I loves doing cute crafty like this one. I’m sure she would love it because pikachu is one of her favorite cartoon character.

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    Mellissa Williams
    July 24, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    That looks so effective and relatively straight forward to make with kids. Glue sticks like this are great for craft activities

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