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Our experience at Paw Patrol Live

Our experience at Paw Patrol Live

We’ve had such a busy week but it’s been loads of fun. Yesterday we had booked tickets for Paw Patrol Live at the SSE Arena, Wembley. My children have been seeing adverts for this live show for ages so I was really excited that we were able to treat them to tickets. We managed to keep it a secret until we were outside – my daughter didn’t question why I had dressed her head to toe in her Paw Patrol clothes or given her her Marshall cushion to take out for the day!

We drove to Wembley and when we were outside the venue we surprised them with the tickets. They were both super excited! There were hundreds of kids dressed in their favourite Paw Patrol clothes and costumes so I was really glad we had made the effort.

Our experience at Paw Patrol Live We took our seats and waited for the live show to begin. Our kids, like every other kid there, knew all about Paw Patrol and the different characters. That didn’t stop them all roaring with exciting when Ryder appeared. We had been given card pom poms but there were also kids with all kinds of glowing lights which looked pretty cool as you looked out over the auditorium.

The show began with a mission for the pups to find the missing Mayor Goodway on the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race against Mayor Humdinger. Once she—and Chickaletta—are rescued, the pups then help her hunt for the clues needed to reach the finish line (followed the entire way by the sneaky Mayor Humdinger and his naughty cats).

Each of the pups have the opportunity to showcase their unique skills in at least one scene and the action takes place at locations easily recognised by Paw Patrol fans including Adventure Bay, The Lookout, Seal Island, Farmer Yumi’s farm and Jake’s Mountain.

There was plenty of opportunities to see your favourite pups in action, such as Rocky and Rubble on a snowy mountain, and Zuma and Skye at Seal Island. Throughout the pups use teamwork and their problem-solving skills to find new clues and help Mayor Goodway complete the race.

As well as the pups, Ryder, Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta, there were also appearances from other minor characters including Farmer Yumi, Captain Turbot and Wally.

Our experience at Paw Patrol Live

My kids absolutely loved the show! It ran to about an hour with a 15 minute intermission. There was plenty to keep them occupied – from the costumes, the Bunraku puppetry, the songs and lights. They loved it when Mayor Goodway and the Chickaletta Cheerleaders appeared at the front of the audience and I thought the huge Pup Pad was a great idea.

It was a really well run show and it passed pretty quickly. We bought a Souvenir Programme and Paw Patrol Live baseball hat but luckily took our own snacks and drinks! I’m glad my children were able to experience it, even if it was a little pricey, it made a great Summer holidays treat.


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    Louise Smith
    August 5, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    Oscar has been asking to go and see this in Nottingham next week. I’m going to HAVE to get him tickets after reading this!

    Louise x

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    Mummy Times Two
    August 6, 2017 at 7:40 am

    Oh wow it looks like you had an incredible time. We’ll have to see if there is a show near us. My little man would love it I think!

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