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Paper plate Easter basket and sponge print eggs

Paper plate Easter basket and sponge print eggs

Yesterday I finally finished shopping for Easter eggs! Easter seems to get bigger and bigger every year but I’ve been working hard to make sure the family have some delicious Easter gifts to open and enjoy this weekend.

We’ll be taking down all our birthday cards this week and we’ve been busy making some of our own Easter decorations to hang up. Yesterday the weather was beautiful and sunny (not so today unfortunately) and we had some messy, paint-y, after school fun with our paper plate Easter basket and sponge print egg activity. Read on for the full tutorial.

Items needed:

Egg shaped cookie cutter
Paper plate
White card
Selection of paint

Paper plate Easter basket and sponge print eggs

First my children drew a basket and handle shape onto the paper plate. Then they painted the basket with brown paint and we left them to dry for half an hour.

paper plate painting

You can see they left plenty of space to fill their baskets with colourful Easter eggs!

paper plate Easter basket craft

Whilst they were drying we made egg-shaped sponges. My 6 year old placed an easter egg cookie cutter over a sponge and drew around it. Then I cut them out.

making egg shaped sponges

The children chose their favourite colours to dip the sponges into, then printed them on the paper plate baskets, to create their Easter baskets.

paint covered sponges

They had a lot of fun squeezing in as many eggs as they could.

easter egg craft for kids

I finished off their Easter craft by threading a ribbon through the edge of the basket. If you’re going to hang it up you can add more ribbon through the top of the handle.

My kids love crafting after school. It’s the perfect way to unwind and now we have some lovely decorations for Easter too.


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    March 28, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I love how child (and toddler) friendly and focused your crafts are and this is a great one to keep the kids entertained and excited this Easter

    Laura x

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