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Organic Monkey review

I was delighted to be asked to try some products by Organic Monkey who make nappy balm, scalp oil for cradle cap, belly oil and massage oil.

We tried their Cheeky Monkey Cheek Rub oil and Rock the Cradle cradle cap oil. My 10 month old has been teething for months but, just like her older brother, her teeth are v e r y  s l o w at making an appearance. In fact they are being so slow that it’s putting my husband off having a third baby, gggrrr.

Anyway, I’m happy to try any teething products as I hate seeing her suffer. She’s been constantly dribbling, chewing on muslins and being a bit grotty for a while months.

organic monkey

Cheeky Monkey Cheek Rub oil

This little bottle of organic cheek rub for teething contains organic arnica, lavender, spearmint and roman chamomile essential oils to help calming and relieve symptoms of teething. I’ve been using at the first signs of unhappiness by just rubbing a couple of drops on both her cheeks. The oil seems to calm her down and lasts a couple of hours. It smells delicious and is easy to apply and small enough to carry around in my handbag.

Rock the Cradle cradle cap oil

My 10 month old still has cradle cap! I thought this disappeared quickly but it hasn’t with her. It’s not the gross thick stuff that tiny babies have but more dry skin which doesn’t look very nice and makes her itch her head. The organic cradle cap oil contains a gentle blend of organic oils to relieve dryness and irritation with added geranium essential oil to help restore the skins natural balance. This oil has worked really well in reducing her dry skin. I’ve been putting it on her head a couple of hours before her bath. It washes out well and has left her hair and skin beautifully soft and smelling lovely.


Organic Monkey is a brand new range of organic, Fairtrade skincare, created specifically for babies delicate and sensitive skin.

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