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Operation Big Girl

Little Sis is almost two and a half and I find myself caught between wanting her to attend nursery for a few more hours a week (!) and not wanting her to grow up. She is very independent and hates being told what to do (not sure where she gets that from) and I need to let her grow up a little. We recently ditched the dummy which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and she barely wants a noo noo any more. She used to always have a dummy and noo noo (a muslin) but she seems to have dropped both at the same time.


Last week we introduced a gro clock as she kept waking up at 6am. I know I should have got up with her but I need my sleep so we’ve been encouraging her to go back to sleep or play with her toys before she starts shouting for me and waking the house up. Fortunately she grasped the concept of the gro clock quickly, “Yellow means morning, mummy!” which has amazed me.


This leads nicely on to us thinking about taking the side off her cot. Over the Easter holidays she spent a lot of time sleeping in travel cots and she’s almost outgrown them. That means sleeping in a bed so we need to get her used to her cot without it’s side. My son transitioned seamlessly from his cot to a cot bed so I’m hoping she’ll be the same.


We’re also starting our potty training journey. Fun times! Her brother was 3 and a half when he started but was reluctant to say the least. She was showing signs last summer so I’m hoping it won’t take too long. She tells me when she’s done a poo so … come on, Little Sis! We’ve bought a Hello Kitty sticker album as a reward for sitting on the potty and we’re re-reading all our books on the subject too.

tv time

Our final challenge is to wean her off her night time bottle. She has a bottle of warm milk at bedtime and I know I need to give it to her in a cup instead.

There are just so many things to do to help my little lady be a proper big girl – let Operation Big Girl commence!

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    aunty CaCa
    May 14, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    She’s an amazing strong little lady. Good luck! Xx

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