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One month on

We have now been in our new house a whole month. We under-estimated just how many trips we’d make to B&Q and the list of jobs done is keeping up with the list of things to be done. The back door has been replaced, the bath re-sealed, exterior lights fitted at the front and back, the garden fence replaced and half a tree cut down. We have paid for the pleasure of visits from the boiler man, shower man and gardener. The boiler was condemned, the shower was basically condemned, and the gardener pissed behind the shed when he thought I wasn’t looking.

In the last month I have been on three work courses, work trips to Norwich and Manchester, made it through Valentine’s Day, Sasha’s bithday, Robin’s birthday but missed Sophie’s birthday due to a badly fitted front door lock. We were too busy to eat pancakes on Pancake Day.

Please can March be quiet?

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