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Easy Minecraft Easter eggs

how to make Minecraft Easter eggs

Last weekend we threw my 8 year old a Minecraft themed birthday party. I had so much fun planning the food, drinks, games and party bags. I had some Minecraft tattoos left over and decided to make some simple Minecraft Easter eggs to use as decorations. My 8 year old was quick to tell me that there are no eggs in Minecraft so these are spawn eggs – perfect for those who play the Creative mode in Minecraft and want to spawn good or bad creatures.

Equipment needed:

Plastic eggs

Pinty Plus Basic Mint Green (6029)

Minecraft tattoos

How to make Minecraft Easter eggs

I bought a pack of white plastic eggs but wanted to give them a makeover. I used Pinty Plus Basic Mint Green to spray paint them green. Each egg had a hanging loop which I used to hang them from the washing line.

spray painting eggs

This way I was able to give them two coats of paint, leaving 20 minutes for them to dry in between coats.

spray painting easter eggs

When the eggs were completely dry it was time to add the Minecraft tattoos. I carefully chose and cut out the tattoos I wanted to use from the sheet.

Minecraft tattoos

I applied each one as you would a normal tattoo. They stuck really easily to the surface of the plastic eggs. As they were quite small I put a Minecraft tattoo on each side of the egg.

Minecraft Easter egg craft

I’ve hung them on our Easter tree and they look pretty good. My 8 year old loves them too so they may be up a little longer than just Easter!

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    Codie Wright
    April 1, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Hanging these up to dry is a good idea – I bet my nephews would love these!

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    April 1, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    In the US it is tradition to do this will boiled eggs and then eat them for breakfast Easter morning – such a cute design idea though!

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