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What I’m reading: Marshmallow Madness

As a home baker with a *very* sweet tooth I was happy to receive a copy of Marshmallow Madness by Shauna Sever to review. It may be summer but with the wet weather it’s also pretty  good to hide indoors from the rain drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. I didn’t ever think of making my own marshmallows but Marshmallow Madness gives you all the information you need to make them at home.

marshmallow madness

The book is well set out with a helpful introduction and a list of key ingredients as well as marshmallow-making tips and techniques. The book is then divided into sections such as The Classics, Fresh and Fruity, Happy Hour (which includes the ‘Margarita Marshmallow’!), For the Connoisseur, Kids in a Candy Store, and Fluffy, Puffy Desserts. Each recipe comes with full ingredients, instructions, advice, tools, and techniques, ensuring you and your family can enjoy marshmallows to the full the whole year round.

When I first received the book I struggled with some of the ingredients as the book is aimed at American readers. However I have a very helpful little cake shop I go to where they kindly deciphered what I needed to buy! After an accident with the sugar thermometer due to an over-excited husband (he’s been banging on about buying a sugar-thermometer for years) we eventually had a batch of classic marshmallows which weren’t bad at all! It may take a couple more attempts before I’m brave enough to show what I made but we had a lot of fun in the kitchen.

The book is published by Quirk books, the publishers of a range of fun and informative cookbooks, with a RRP of £11.99.

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