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Making mud cakes in our mud kitchen

mud cakes from the mud kitchen - the gingerbread house

We seem to be experiencing a mini-heatwave in the UK today which meant we have spent most of the day outdoors. My 3 year old loves playing fairies so we thought we would add to our fairy garden. So far we’ve built a fairy house in the garden, made a painted stone fairy door for a fairy house and painted pebble animals to live in the fairy garden. Today we had some messy sensory fun, making proper mud cakes for the fairies, in our tuff spot mud kitchen.

Setting up a tuff spot mud kitchen

It was really easy to set up a tuff spot mud kitchen. We’re in the middle of building a proper mud kitchen but a tuff spot is perfect for this activity.  All you need is:

Tuff spot
Buckets and spades

I mixed half a bucket of soil with some water until it had a thick consistency then let them mix and add more water. They got messy but it was really warm so they just rinsed off the mud with more water. We kept the mud in the buckets but you could mix it in the tuff spot too.

mud kitchen play

Whilst I set up the tuff spot for them I set the children to look for flowers, small stones, sticks and leaves, basically anything to decorate their mud cakes.

mud cake supplies

Easy mud cakes

When we had assembled everything the children places paper cupcake cases in a cupcake tin.

mud cakes for our fairy garden

Just like the real thing, they carefully spooned in their mud mixture into the cases.

mud cakes for our fairy gardenWhen they had finished they decorated them with the stones, flowers, leaves and grass they had found in the garden.

mud cakes for our fairy gardenThey looked quite pretty when they had finished, all different colours and textures.

mud cake funIt was great to see the children getting messy and having fun with nature. We left the cakes to bake in the sun, fingers crossed the fairies have eaten them by the time the children look outside for them.

easy mud pies for a fairy garden We had fun in the sun today making mud cakes in our mud kitchen. I think this is an activity we’ll definitely be doing again!


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    April 16, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Aw bless they look like they had heaps of fun! It’s the perfect weather to do it too!

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    Melissa Zia
    April 16, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    Such a brilliant idea and yet so simple! perfect for the spring and summer months 🙂

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