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Painted rocks for fairy gardens

Painted rocks for our fairy garden

We’ve seen little fairy gardens cropping us all around us since lockdown began. They range from simple craft stick fairy doors to a really elaborate one which has fairies doing PE with Joe Wicks, and a window full of rainbow posters for the NHS. They’ve inspired my own children to build a fairy garden¬†and we love seeing people stop to look at it.

fairy door in tree in Ruislip

There are so many things you can add to a fairy garden. We used supplies we already had as non-essential shops are closed but made some fairy garden painted rocks to go in it. Painting rocks is one of our favourite things to do and we have made lots since we’ve been at home.

Painted rocks for fairy gardens

Our painted fairy garden rocks were all made over a few days. We all had our own ideas and the children wanted to make some specific ones to add to their fairy garden. My son decorated a large rock and made it into a sign for his fairy garden, and he also painted two rocks to make a large toadstool.

fairy garden painted rock

We talked about all the different painted rocks we wanted to make, from fairy doors, to painted rock fairy houses. It seems ages ago since we made our first fairy garden painted door rock and sadly it’s long been lost. However the children were happy to make doors of all shapes and sizes.

painted rock fairy houses and doors

They are so much fun to make. We painted our rocks with a few coats of white paint first, this gives a good surface to paint on. We draw our designs on with pencil first, then colour in the detail using Posca pens.

My children tend to rush their rocks so I try to encourage them to leave their rocks to dry before adding too many colours – this doesn’t always work!

painted rock house

When they’ve finished decorating their rocks, I varnish them which always takes at least 24 hours. Then the rocks are ready to display or hide!

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Painted rocks for our fairy garden

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    June 3, 2020 at 11:50 am

    Ohh, this is such a fun project to do with kids! We’ve been talking about rock painting for a little while but my twins are only five so we might leave this till next summer. Fairy gardens are gorgeous!

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