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Make a wrapped rope ghost this Halloween

Make a wrapped rope ghost this Halloween

With just a few simple supplies from your craft stash you can create a pair of cute-as-can-be ghosts that are perfect for your Halloween decor this year.

Wrapped rope ghost craft materials:

White craft yarn
Thick cotton rope
Glue gun and glue sticks
Painter’s tape
Permanent marker
Black craft felt sheet

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

Measure and tape the thick cotton rope in the middle of where you will cut the rope to prevent fraying on both ends.

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

Here are the lengths that we cut to create the ghosts. The tall ghost was 8″ and one 10″ length. The smaller ghost was 6″ and  8″ in length.

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

Line up all the sections of the two ghosts on your work surface.

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

Number the section of each ghost with the permanent marker, so you can keep track of all the lengths of rope.

How to make a wrapped rope ghost

Line up the rope sections from the tall ghost from smallest to largest on your work surface. Place a small line of hot glue on the end of the smallest rope, place the end of the yarn into the glue, and then let it cool. Begin wrapping the rope tightly with the white yarn.

rope ghosts

Continue to wrap each length of cotton rope with the white yarn. Keep the yarn tight and the rows close together, so you do not see any rope. At the very end of each rope, cut the yarn and pull it through the second loop, then secure it with a small dot of hot glue.

easy rope ghost craft

Starting with the smallest length, fold in half, apply a thin line of hot glue to the centre of the yarn-covered rope, and hold together until the glue cools.

rope ghost craft

Repeat with the remaining lengths of yarn-covered rope, until the ghost is complete.

ghost wrapped rope

Carefully remove the tape from the ends of the cotton rope with scissors.

wool wrapped rope ghost

Gently brush out the ends of the cotton rope to create a fringe.

wool wrapped ghost

Trim the fringe evenly with scissors. Repeat the above process to create the small ghost.

wool wrapped ghost

Once both ghosts are complete, create the faces. Cut three small ovals for each ghost from black craft felt.

yarn covered rope ghost

Attach the eyes and mouths to the ghosts with the glue gun.

yarn-covered rope ghost

And your spooky wrapped rope ghosts are complete. Thread a small piece of spare yarn through the top to hang.

yarn-covered rope ghost

You can change the sizes of the wrapped rope ghosts to fit your Halloween decor – an extra large one would scare any unwanted Trick or Treaters away! Or why not use one as the perfect topper for a gift bag or present instead of a bow.

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