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Our Half-Term Adventure: London Aquarium

We had an adventure last week when we hopped on the tube and ventured into central London. Wednesday was my husband’s birthday and we thought we’d head to the SEA LIFE London Aquarium for the day. Pre-baby we used to do pop into town at the drop of a hat but with a small child in tow it takes a bit more planning.

Anyway, Edward loves the tube and we soon arrived on the South Bank.  Unfortunately we hadn’t remembered that it was half-term and it was also overcast with the promise of rain. The size of the queue outside the London Aquarium showed we weren’t the only people with the idea of visiting. However, we had priority tickets so jumped the horrendous queue and went inside.

The London Aquarium is open over three floors of the old County Hall. It was incredibly busy but we managed to get round all of the tanks and displays. Edward was a bit bemused by it all. Although it was easy to navigate a pushchair around the place the sheer number of children and other pushchairs often meant there were queues to see the popular big tanks or most exciting fish. It was also quite dark and warm so he was sleepy, but too excited to sleep.

I love taking Edward to new places and the London Aquarium is a great place to visit. I think we managed to see everything as access was really good with lifts and plenty of ramps. We didn’t bother using the cafe but there were baby changing facilities and places to sit and rest. The only slight negative was the number of people there – lots and lots of excited children and harassed parents. Occasionally we had to wait for a lift and there were a few times we were stuck in a bottleneck but overall we had a great time and would recommend a visit on a rainy day in London.

We finished off our day with a walk along the South Bank and some people watching.


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    James | Custom Aquariums
    July 18, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    It’s nice to read about posts of different experience of different aquarium parks all over the world. Nice share of the London aquarium.

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