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King of his castle

It’s no surprise that I’m spending most of my time thinking about our new house. We are waiting (impatiently!) to hear that we’ve exchanged contracts and fingers crossed that will happen any day.

King of his castleThis time round we’re paying a removal firm to pack and move us. With two small people it’s pretty impossible to concentrate on packing more than the essentials we’ll need for the first few days. At the moment I’m worrying about a cover set, stair gates and black out blinds but I’m sure they will be replaced by something else tomorrow.

Our new house is bigger and I’m looking forward to have more space and less clutter. I just want to be able to shut away the ‘stuff’ so I don’t have to constantly see it. I’m sure all families are the same, tripping over toys and mess. I want the children to have fun and enjoy their toys but I also want to be able to pack it all away at the end of the day!

Fortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll need to buy too much for the new house. I have a couple of pieces of vintage furniture I want to paint and actually use, my poor neglected bureau is one of them. I’m also aching to use my vintage kitchen cupboard as fabric storage rather than extra kitchen extension.

I’ve also been thinking how to help the toddler understand our house move. We’re obviously talking about it a lot, perhaps too much, as he’s constantly asking where we’re going. He’s also got into the habit of packing his rucksack with toys everytime we leave the house, as if he’s leaving home. We’ve been reading Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes and sticking stickers with the Moving House Sticker Book from Usborne. Time will tell what exactly the toddler is absorbing from these.

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