Improving handwriting with STABILO

I’m actually quite excited about half term next week. My little 4 year old needs a break from his school routine and I’m looking forward to not rushing out the door in the morning.

My son has had a great report from school and the only thing he needs a little help with is holding a pen correctly which will give him more control over his writing. He loves to practice his writing at home, he writes little letters to his grandparents every week. I was delighted to be contacted by STABILO who have a huge range of products specifically designed to make writing easier.

IMG_7165We received a selection of products including the EASYergo pencil, EASYoriginal pen, Scribbi fibre pens and Woody 3-in-1 crayons. He was very excited to try them all out, his favourite is the EASYergo pencil and the Scribbi pens. We’ve banned his sister from using them and he’s been enjoying using them for his letters and drawings.


The National Handwriting Association also sent some tailored advice to help my son’s technique:

It is important to watch and wait with boys as they can take slightly longer to develop. Most children automatically begin to reduce the size of their handwriting naturally as their grip or control increases. If by the age of six his writing is still large it may mean that his fine motor control is poor or immature and at that point it would be wise to seek the advice of his teachers or your GP.

He’s been getting on really well with the products and he wants to use them for his writing and drawing – which means the practising never seems like a chore. Next week we’ll be keeping a half-term journal, similar to the one we kept over the Summer holiday, so I’m hoping regular practise will help him.


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    the house that never rests
    October 24, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    I agree, i have 3 boys and they took longer to develop handwriting skills. It looks like your son is really enjoying his new pens. I love the picture he has done it is very cute X

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