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How to make Putty {A-Z Play at Home}

How to make Putty

Last week for the A-Z Play at Home weekly blog hop we had so much fun making SLIME! The kids just love getting their hands dirty so we quickly made a bath of Putty too. It’s not just fun, there’s some science in there too!

Ingredients to make Putty:

24 oz flour (2 cups)
5 eggs
9oz PVA craft glue (3/4 cup)
3 tbsp water
food colouring (optional)

We made a video about our experiences of making putty. It took a while for the putty to come together but it was worth it!

Basically, you mix the flour in a large mixing bowl with the eggs and glue. Then you need to mix for quite a long time. Nothing seems to happen but you just need to keep on mixing! Add a little of the water and mix some more.

How to make Putty

If you want to add food colouring do it now. We added a little red food colouring.

This is actually a basic play dough recipe but the glue acts as a binding agent, holding the mixture together. Watch as it binds together making a stretchy, squishy putty.

How to make Putty - UK recipe

We had fun with this although were surprised how long it took to bind together. You can keep it in an air tight container for a few days and it actually gets better with age. Don’t keep it too long though or it will start to go off!

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    the Curious Pixie
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    Omg! This looks so messy that my kids will be all over it. So doing this!

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