How to ease your toddlers’ cough and cold

My little toddler comes home every week with a different germ. He’s at nursery on a Monday, picks up a germ and shakes it off just in time to go back to nursery on Thursday. Of course, he’s also kind enough to share his germs with the whole family, so our medicine cabinet overflows with remedies!

We’re all currently battling through a cold. Did you know children get on average 10 colds a year – three times as many as adults, so it’s no surprise that the children are always ill.

We’ve found a couple of products which have really eased their symptoms. Aqua Maris Junior is designed to be a more appropriate product for young children, using a spray dosing system rather than a dropper. Containing isotonic seawater, Aqua Maris Junior is suitable for daily nasal hygiene as well as to help with congested nasal passages, to ease breathing and to help ensure a good night’s sleep.  It can be used for children and babies from 6 months, which makes it perfect for my baby and toddler.

We’ve also invested in a humidifier to help ease the children’s coughs as they are both prone to being sick from coughing at night. A couple of nights ago we were sitting listening to them coughing in their sleep before we remembered the humidifier. After we had set it up, their symptoms had eased within half an hour and everyone had a good nights’ sleep 🙂

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    January 28, 2013 at 9:38 am

    humidifier! I used to have one as a kid! It was awesome. I should get it to my flat, too!

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