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How To Choose The Right Type Of Balloons and Balloon Accessories

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One of the best options for decorating any celebration is balloons. They are bright, beautiful, and affordable. Manufacturers of balloons in London offer a large assortment of options that might differ in shape, colour, and material. But what type will be suitable for your event? Read on and find out.

Types of Balloons

When choosing balloons, you should be guided by the theme of the event for which the decoration is planned: for advertising events (opening of a store, exhibition, promo-presentation) balloons with printed logo of the company will be more suitable for various presentations and children’s parties pastel balls are recommended because they are more colourful for weddings and anniversaries metallic balloons are perfectly suited, they have a pearl shade and look well in various compositions for the finale of the celebration, helium-filled balloons with LEDs can be launched into the sky.

Latex balloons are the most common option on the market. As a rule, latex balloons are presented in different colour variations, and can also be supplemented with different effects: pastel or metallic. One of the advantages of such balloons is the affordable price. But at the same time, there are also disadvantages – the monotony of shapes and smell of a product.

Foil balloons can often be found at various events. Unlike latex balloons, they can be in a variety of shapes. Such products are quite durable and if they are filled with helium will float for a long time (up to several weeks). In addition, they can be re-used if necessary. Among the disadvantages is the high cost compared to latex counterparts.

When choosing the material for balloons, you should be guided by your goals and objectives. If you are planning a one-day event, you can use the most common latex balloons. If you are planning an important event lasting for several days or if the decoration is carried out in advance, perhaps a foil balloon will be more suitable.

What To Consider When Getting a Balloon

When buying balloons, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:
Ability to retain helium

As for the last point – here it all depends on your goals. In theory, for promotional distribution of balloons with logos, it is possible to use cheaper options. But don’t forget that chemical talc might be used in their manufacture, which can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, they can have an unstable quality. So it is advisable to get the all-purpose balloons in the medium price range.

When choosing a brand, you should be guided by your own preferences. Sempertex products are great for creating figures and weaving a variety of compositions. Balloons from Gemar and Belbol are quite elastic, so they are suitable for outdoor decoration. But some products are universal, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Different Balloon Accessories

Do you think that plain balloons aren’t too stylish and the LEDs aren’t enough? Or are you afraid the balloons aren’t sturdy enough to decorate your event? There are many accessories that can be used to spice up even the simplest balloon. For example balloon ribbon, stickers or special liquids that envelope the latex shell, prolonging the flight of helium balloons and their lifetime.

You can find these accessories and much more in any online store. There are numerous products that will allow you to turn ordinary balloons into a work of art without significant cost. Make them shine, float in the air, and twinkle with cheerful lights. Decorate them with ribbons and stickers and give joy to your guests – it’s easy!


How Do I Choose A Balloon?

The choice will depend on various criteria: type of event, theme, inside or outside conditions, etc. Think carefully about the type of balloons that will work best and pick the suitable option using the tips above.

Which Type Of Balloon Is Best For Decoration?

If we are talking about aesthetics only, then foil balloons are the winner. Unlike latex variations, they can be in different shapes or forms, anything you like as the matter of fact.

What Colour Balloons Look Good Together?

Blue, gold, and white make the perfect colour combination, especially if you hold an event outdoors.

Which Balloons Are Strongest?

So-called Cloudbuster Balloons are probably the strongest in the world. Also known as chloroprene balloons, they can be up to 10 times stronger than latex options, making them the most durable option for outside events (even for difficult weather conditions).

What Is The Most Popular Shape Of Balloons?

We all know the classic oval balloon shape is the most popular.

I hope you have enjoyed our post about how to choose the right type of balloons and balloon accessories for your event. I would love to hear if you’ve used or seen any amazing balloons at events recently?


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