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Blogger Board Game Club review: Hey! That’s My Fish

Hey! That's my fish!

Is anyone else glad that January is over? It felt like a long month, one that we got through by playing copious games and finishing off the Christmas chocolates. We’ve been members of the Blogger Board Game Club for a while and were delighted to be sent a bundle of family board games. We love to play family games, especially at the weekend, and we can’t wait to tell you more over the coming weeks. The first game we are going to tell you about is Hey! That’s My Fish.

Hey! That's My Fish

Hey! That’s My Fish

Hey, That’s My Fish! is an engaging, award-winning board game of strategic fish hunting, in which players control determined penguins hungry for their next meal on a bustling Antarctic ice floe. It’s quick and fun which I think makes it a really fun family game.

Hey! That's My Fish

It’s easy to set up. Place the hexagonal cards in rows and each player puts two of their penguins on the hexagonal cards featuring one fish. You can move in any direction, picking up a card as you go. The aim is to collect as many points as you can as each card features 1, 2 or 3 fishes.

The game is quite simple but you can obviously be clever and try and outsmart your opponents. The children thought it was hilarious to leave me floating on my own little islands – until they realised how many points I was able to accumulate. We’ve enjoyed playing Hey, That’s My Fish! I like the fact it packs away quite small so we can take it away with us for the weekend. It’s the kind of game that has a different outcome each time you play it and I look forward to mastering it the more we play.

Hey! That's My Fish

Essential information:

What’s inside the box: 60 x hexagons, 1 x rules sheet and 16 x sculpted colourful and animated penguin miniatures

Hey! That’s My Fish is priced £9.99

Perfect for ages 8 and over

Can be played by 2-4 players

A game takes around 20 minutes

**We have included Amazon links to Hey! That’s My Fish. If you click on these and buy we may earn a small commission.


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    February 9, 2019 at 2:04 pm

    I like the sound of this and I have two nephews for whom this would be a lot of fun to play it with x

  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    February 9, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    We’re always looking out for new games to add to family games night. I love penguins so this is already a hit with me

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