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Handmade heart garland

I love seeing pictures of bunting on Pinterest. I’ve always wanted to make some but being a bit short of time I thought I would start off with a garland. I made this in several stages over a couple of nights which made it the perfect craft. I cut two different shaped heart templates from paper then cut a load of hearts from my felt stash. Finally I sewed right through the centre of each heart on my trust old Singer until I had  a string of colourful felt hearts.

felt heart garland

It was made for Nicola who was my partner in the handmade heart swap hosted by Mary Poppins, and was sent along with wooden pegs painted with hearts, a heart shaped purse and of course, some chocolate.

Nicola was very generous and sent me a lovely embroidered heart, cross stitched coaster, decorated notebook, heart shaped box and a bundle of fabric which will be perfect for my latest patchwork project.

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