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Having a little family of my own really makes me feel like a responsible adult! As soon as Big Brother was born we set up a savings account for him and we’re about to do the same for Little Sis. I must admit that my husband is in control of most of the important financial things, such as the mortgage, the bills and car insurance renewal. I’m very lucky that he deals with all these things as since giving up work my brain is quite mushy. I’d rather be responsible for the domestic side of things and ensure the cupboards are full of food than worry about quality life insurance.

I am trying to be a responsible role model though by learning to drive and I’ve given myself a deadline of my next birthday! It’s difficult to believe that I had my first driving lessons when I was 17 and I’ve wanted to drive for a long time but never had enough money or confidence in myself to see it through. However, I’ve been having lessons for the last few months with a lovely instructor (female, which has made a big difference for me) and booked my test for the New Year. My husband constantly jokes that Big Brother will be driving before me but I will prove him wrong!

Being a good role model to my children is really important and my husband and I have lots of disagreements about the right way to bring them up. We disagree over the right way to deal with toddler tantrums and muse over if we will be honest about how much we drank and smoked when we were younger! What do you think? Has having children made you feel like a responsible adult?


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    Mummy To Two
    December 9, 2011 at 11:48 am

    I couldn’t agree more about the differences in the way that we bring children up! My Husband was bought up in a very strict environment but, I wasn’t, so we really clash on our discipline techniques! He thinks I am way to soft but, I really don’t see how shouting at a child makes them listen, if anything I think my Daughter loves his reaction and thinks it’s funny when he loses his temper.

    I think it’s best to be honest to children about your past, and hopefully they can learn from our mistakes. I guess we can only do our best. 🙂 x

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      Mummy To Two
      December 9, 2011 at 11:50 am

      I don’t why my links are not working. 🙁

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