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STEM fun with GraviTrax interactive track system

STEM fun with GraviTrax interactive track system

Last month I told you how much fun my 8 year old was having with the GraviTrax Starter Set from Ravensburger. This is a really fun STEM toy which has been keeping him busy during the summer holidays. There are some additional GraviTrax sets and we were sent some to try at home and tell you about.

GraviTrax interactive track system

With the GraviTrax interactive track system, you can design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to propel your gravity sphere to the finish. With a variety of tiles, levels, tracks and features you can control the speed of each gravity sphere. The open-ended building concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time you play.

We were sent 3 add on sets to accompany our GraviTrax Starter Set – GraviTrax Building Expansion, GraviTrax Catapult Expansion and GraviTrax Hammer Expansion. My son was delighted to add these additional sets to the Starter Set and couldn’t wait to expand his layout.

Take a look at the video we made of the different sets together:

GraviTrax Building Expansion

This expansion pack includes over 25 components to extend the fun of your GraviTrax with even bases and levels to experiment with. It included 2 Base Plates, 1 Transparent Level, 8 Large Height Tiles, 4 Small Height Tiles, 2 Switches, 1 3-in-1 tile, 1 Vortex, 1 Finish Line, 4 Basic Tiles, inserts for basic tiles: 2 Catchers, 1 Freefall, 1 Splash and 1 Landing.

GraviTrax Catapult Expansion

With the GraviTrax Catapult you can overcome some serious obstacles. Briefly overcome gravity as the gravity sphere flies through the air. You will need to make sure the sphere has a place to land and finish the track. This set included 1x Catapult Base, 4x Gravity Spheres and 2x Spare Rubber Bands.

GraviTrax Catapult Expansion

GraviTrax Hammer Expansion

The GraviTrax Hammer will add some much-needed velocity to your track layout. If the gravity spheres have slowed to a crawl this Hammer will smack the sphere giving it some much needed momentum to complete the circuit! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling! This set included 1x Hammer Tile, 1x Long Track, 2x Medium Tracks and 3x Short Tracks.

GraviTrax Hammer Expansion

My son loves this kind of creative toy and I love that he really needs to think to either follow the suggested layouts or make his own. The Starter Set is fun on it’s own but these expansion sets really allow extended play.

The GraviTrax track system can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add-on’s – each sold separately: GraviTrax Building Expansion, GraviTrax Catapult Expansion, GraviTrax Hammer Expansion, GraviTrax Magnetic Expansion. These sets are suitable for 1+ players, ages 8 years and up.


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    michelle twin mum
    August 21, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    I’ve not heard of Gravitrax but it looks good fun and I always like toys that you can add to. Its the kind of toy that can be passed on and will last years. Mich x

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    August 21, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    Sounds great – although I’m wondering how different it is from a marble run?

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    August 21, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I really love the sounds of this, it sounds like it would be a really useful STEM learning tool with lots of different ways to play with it. I’ll keep an eye out for this, thanks.

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