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{Free printable} Back to School Chatterbox

back to school chatterbox printable

I know the Summer holidays have only just begun but us mums just can’t rest for a moment. Yes, the uniform is bought, we have new water bottles and lunch bags and fully stocked pencil cases, we’re all ready for September! My children both love school and are excited about starting the new school year in September. Today I wanted to share a fun free chatterbox printable which is just perfect for going back to school.

Free printable Back to School Chatterbox

Now I call them a chatterbox but I know everyone calls them different things. I’ve also heard them called paper fortune tellers or a cootie catcher, but here I’ll call them a Chatterbox.

Making a paper chatterbox is a great introduction to origami for children, they will soon learn how to fold paper. You can use special origami paper but you can also use standard A4 paper. Why not print out my free printable Back To School Chatterbox and have a go? When you know how to fold the paper you can easily make your own.

It’s traditional to use numbers or colours but my Back To School Chatterbox features numbers, cute animals and 8 ice-breaker questions your child can ask anyone in their class, including Tell me about your Summer and Tell me what happens in your favourite book?

How to make a Back to School Chatterbox

1 First of all print out my Back to School Chatterbox here.

2 There are 2 pages – one for the chatterbox and one for the instructions showing you how to fold the paper correctly.

3 Remember to smooth out any folds with your finger to make sure the chatterbox folds correctly.

4 Then your child can place their fingers inside the chatterbox and play with a friend, old or new.


I think a paper chatterbox makes a great ice breaker and is full of fun prompts to get kids talking to each other. If you can master this one then it’s simple to fold a sheet of paper and make your own!

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