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First tastes

It’s now been a couple of weeks since we’ve been giving Little Sis a taste of what she’s missing out on! Over the weeks she’s really begun to open her mouth in anticipation and she’s finally grasped what to do with the puree when it’s in her mouth. It’s amazing to watch and she seems so grown up.

cupboard full of plum baby

I remember making some of my own purees last time (which her brother didn’t particularly like!) so I’m currently using purees from Plum. I used these with her brother too and they are great. The portions are very generous so I’ve been freezing them in ice trays and just defrosting a couple of cubes at a time.  So far she’s worked her way through the veggie ones but definitely prefers the fruit purees. The toddler is also getting in on the act and it’s one spoonful for Little Sis and one huge spoonful for Big Brother. I think he probably remembers the packaging as I used to carry a couple of pouches with me when he was weaned last year.

I’ve also been using the new Plum Baby iPhone app to help reacquaint myself with weaning.

plum baby iphone app

Following the success of their online guide they have now decided to put some of the information in an exciting new app cleverly called “The Weaning of Life”. The app aims to offer simple, straightforward advice on aspects of weaning many mums and dads find confusing or stressful, such as how to tell when your baby is ready to try solids, what you’ll need and which are the best foods to try first.

There are three sections – All About Plum, The Weaning Guide and Plum in the Kitchen. The last section is my favourite as they’ve generously opened their recipe books, enabling us to re-create our baby’s favourite dish at home. Plum use nutritionally rich organic ingredients and never use additives or unnecessary fillers and it is great they are willing to share this info with us.

It’s a great little app packed full of useful information. Best of all it’s free for the iPhone and other versions will be launching soon.


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