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Feather crown craft {A-Z Play at Home}

how to make a Feather crown craft

The letter this week for the A-Z Play at Home series was F. I tried to think of an every day item around the house and came up with feathers! Father dusters are great but we also had a plentiful supply in our craft cupboard. We used them to make a fun feather crown, perfect for play at home.

You will need only two basic things, cardboard andĀ feathers, to make simple feather crowns. Roughly measure your child’s head and cut a thick band of cardboard accordingly.

easy feather crown craft for kids

We placed our feathers at the front of the crown so used a scalpel to cut two small lines in five places around the front of the crown.

easy feather crown craft for kids

Then slip a feather between the slit so it is held firmly in place. Do this with the rest of your feathers.

easy feather crown craft for kids

Then cut a small notch in the crown to hold it in place.

We used simple natural feathers but you could jazz up this crown by making dipped feathers (see my dipped feather tutorial here). You could also adapt the feather crown to make a natural crown using flowers and grasses.


how to make a Feather crown craft

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