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Exploring Woodhenge with kids

Exploring Woodhenge with kids

We love exploring and on a recent road trip we stopped off at Woodhenge for a picnic and a little geocaching. We’ve been to Woodhenge before and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Exploring Woodhenge with kids

I don’t think it will surprise you that Woodhenge is very close to its more famous neighbour, Stonehenge. Whereas Stonehenge is an amazing prehistoric stone monument, Woodhenge is slightly different. The scale is smaller and today concrete pillars mark where the wooden posts once were.

Exploring Woodhenge with kids

Built at around the same time as Stonehenge, this was a timber monument with six oval rings of posts. The posts were of various sizes with those in the largest ring possibly standing up to 9m tall. The oval rings were broadly aligned in the direction of midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset, like at Stonehenge.

Exploring Woodhenge with kids

Around the site is a low ditch and bank – the henge, which was built to enclose the site. Two standing stones, probably sarsen, were also added to the site.

The site was only re-discovered in 1925, thanks to aerial photography and excavated over the following years. It’s quite a fun place to stop and the kids enjoyed running around the rings of posts. The site is managed by English Heritage and is free to visit, social distancing is enforced thanks to signs.

social distancing at Woodhenge

A short walk away is the Cuckoo Stone. This is a Neolithic or Bronze Age standing stone. The stone, which is now fallen, is in a field near to Woodhenge and Durrington Walls. It is part of the wider Stonehenge Landscape. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in this part but they are allowed at Woodhenge.

the Cuckoo Stone

There are loads of historic properties managed by English Heritage or the National Trust to explore near here. Some of our favourites are Bratton Camp and White HorseWest Kennet Long Barrow, Bradford on Avon Tithe Barn, Silbury Hill, The Sanctuary Avebury, and Avebury.

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    October 3, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    I haven’t heard of this place before but it sounds like somewhere my kids would enjoy.

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