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Easy upcycled pallet Christmas tree

Easy upcycled pallet Christmas tree

I’m delighted to announce that I’m a Pinty Plus Ambassador. Pinty Plus Chalk Paint is a manufactured in Spain by Novasol Spray and sold in the UK exclusively by Although the product is well established in the European market, it has yet to take off in the UK largely because it is still relatively unknown within the market. It’s a versatile product which can be applied to melamine, wood, plastic, glass, canvas, metal, cardboard and polystyrene.

For my first project I wanted to try something quite simple. I love upycling pallets, we’ve already made a fun pallet mud kitchen and pallet planter. I thought it was time to make a simple pallet Christmas tree. Here’s a picture of the pallet we used. It was a bit rough around the edges but I think that is part of the fun.

wooden pallet for upcycling

I had a good look through the range of Chalk Paint colours, opting for the Vintage Olive Chalk Paint Spray. Pinty Plus products come in a high quality aerosol which delivers a consistent spray volume ensuring the paint doesn’t run as you apply it. Each aerosol covers approximately 2m2 and is touch dry in 20 minutes. 

Then I was ready to prepare the pallet. I made sure it was thoroughly dry, not easy with all the rain we’ve had recently. I roughly marked out my tree shape then started covering the parts I didn’t want to paint using newspaper and masking tape.

Pallet Christmas treeYou can see I roped in my husband to help.

Pallet Christmas tree

Then I followed the instructions and started spraying my Christmas tree.

spraying my Pallet Christmas tree

I gave the pallet two coats of chalk paint, making sure I sprayed the sides of the slats too. The paint dries in 20 minutes so this was quite a quick and easy project. I left it to dry before peeling away the tape and newspaper.

Pallet Christmas tree

The Vintage Olive colour is really pretty and I’m really pleased with how our upcycled pallet Christmas tree turned out.

upcycled pallet christmas tree craft

It is a garden decoration so will stay outside but I’m thinking I might get the children to help make popcorn and cranberry garlands to decorate it. It will make a great way to feed the birds over winter.

You can find out more about Pinty Plus Chalk Paint and purchase it through their website here.



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