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Easter themed bento lunch


Our Easter weekend passed in a bit of a blur thanks to a house full of family. We had Easter Egg Hunts (indoors due to the weather) but it just felt so busy with little time to relax. Thankfully the children have a 2 week break from school which gives us plenty of time to enjoy Easter treats. We have plastic Easter eggs everywhere. They’ve been used in our Nom Nums Easter Egg Hunt, in our usual Easter Egg hunt (filled with chocolate eggs) as well as covered in washi tape. They also make the perfect container for an Easter themed bento lunch.

Easter themed bento lunch

With a rare day at home I finally had time to prepare my children anĀ Easter themed bento lunch. Those colourful plastic eggs make the perfect container for a bento-style lunch and you can serve them in an egg box if you’re eating at home. They would also make a colourful surprise if your child takes a packed lunch to school!

tray of small plastic easter eggs

I took a selection of plastic eggs and washed them thoroughly. I had chosen food stuffs which were suitable for a bento-style lunch – blueberries, Babybel cheese, biscuits and pepper. These were all things which fitted perfectly into small containers.

Easter lunch served in easter eggs

They looked pretty good served in an egg box.

lunch for kids served in an egg box

But I knew my son would want a sandwich too so served his lunch on a plate, using the plastic eggs to hold some of his fruit and vegetable snacks.

easter lunch for kids

It made for a super fun, Easter-themed lunch which my children really enjoyed. I don’t normally struggle to get them to eat their food but this was definitely more interesting than usual!

What do you think? Would you ever serve your children lunch like this? You could give the food an Easter theme too with a molded hard-boiled egg!

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    April 11, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    Oh I love this idea, Pinning for next year!

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