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Earth pom pom for Earth Day

Earth pom pom craft for kids

One of my challenges for this year was to use up our craft stash before buying any more materials. We have boxes full of everything and it’s lovely to be able to let the children be inspired by some of the materials we have. I’ve been going through everything and donating lots of items I know we won’t use to the charity shop. It’s funny how quickly the children grow up and want to use more grown up crafting materials.

With Earth Day coming up next month ((22nd April) we thought it would be fun to take part in the Recycle and Create blog hop organised by Teach Me Mommy for Earth Day. The idea was to choose a recyclable and create! Since I’ve been going through our craft stash I found a whole stash of wool. I know it’s not strictly a recyclable but I don’t knit so I need to use it up somehow!

Earth pom pom for Earth Day

You will need:

blue and green wool

a pom pom maker


How to make Earth pom pom for Earth Day

We all love making pom poms. Although you can use two cardboard circles we’re all happy to use a pom pom maker. If you haven’t used one before then check out my tutorial on how to use a pom pom maker.

Did you know that just over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water? This meant we needed lots more blue wool than green around our pom pom. We carefully wound it round both sides, adding small amounts of green for the land, and plenty of blue for the oceans.

Earth Day pom poms

When we were happy we had used enough wool we closed the pom pom maker and cut through the layers.

Earth pom poms

We knotted a piece of wool right round the middle and tied it securely in a knot. Then we could remove the pom pom maker and fluff out the green and blue pom pom, trimming any loose ends.

Earth pom poms

This was a fun craft and a good way to talk about Earth Day. Don’t forget to check out my Earth Day board on Pinterest for more craft ideas.

The Recycle and Create blog hop has been organised by Teach Me Mommy for Earth Day. Take a look at the other participants here.


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